Samoa Travel Guide for Great Impressions

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Samoa my exotic tropical island is situated right in the heart of Polynesia. Our uncrowded beaches and all year summers make my island the best kept secret in the South Pacific. The two main islands are the big island of Savai’i (everyone’s favorite), and Upolu where the capital Apia is.

Visitors enjoy the natural beauty of the land, and the variety of exciting things you can do while you’re here, including online casino gambling. It pays to plan your activities and places to visit before you book your flight. You can start with the site attractions and cultural activities we’ve put together for you here.

But if you’re on a long vacation with plenty of time to spare, find more exciting activities to do in the information filled pages of our site; some you won’t even find in the travel brochures.

Samoan Beaches

Samoan beaches have that snow powdery sand that you need sunscreen and shades for protection because it can reflect a sizzling glare in the sun.

We have our fair share of the beautiful and pristine beaches in the South Pacific. One of our favorites are Lalomanu beach in Upolu and Manase beach in Savaii; they were voted ‘Beach of the Year’ by the South Pacific Tourism Organization.

Accommodations are reasonably priced from family owned beach fales where you wake up to the sound of the ocean that comes right under your beach fale, to the 5 star Samoa Resorts just next door.

If you ask me, try the beach fales first. If it’s not your cuppa tea, then visit the Samoa Resorts next door and book a room that overlooks the beach. Come to think of it, all the rooms overlook the beach.

To Sua – Ocean Trench

The To Sua, a 60 meter deep ocean trench, is a must on your list of places to visit. It’s only a few minutes from Lalomanu beach on Upolu Island.

The To Sua is a sacred landmark where it is believed ancient spirits congregate every afternoon before continuing to the ocean to fish. The site exudes a peacefulness so serene you could feel the energy in the place. It is set in a well-manicured botanic garden that is maintained all year long.

To the right of the ocean trench is a small secluded beach where you can tan out if you want privacy. On the left is a natural ocean pool that catches the foam from the breaking waves. It’s a sight to behold.

Continue on and it ends at a rock top lookout at the blowholes and surging waves right under your feet.

What I look forward to when taking tours to the ocean trench is a visit to the grave of First Lady Fetaui Malema Mata’afa, the wife our first Prime Minister when Samoa became independent in 1962.

Fetaui, as she was dearly known, was the pioneer in spearheading women’s rights and endorsing the voice of women through the many community works she initiated. The hole To Sua experience to me, is an ode to this dear lady.

Scenic Coastline

Never get tired of the scenic coastline when I take tours around the island every week. Heading east, I make a stop at Plum Pudding Rock and take pics of surfers catching waves. It worries me every time because those waves break so close to the rocks. I guess they know what they’re doing.

Stop at the top of the hill and take a picture of the rugged coastline that spreads out before your eyes.

But don’t worry if you miss it, there’s more of that scenic coastline with spectacular volcanic sculptures formed along the shore where the lava-flow hardened upon reaching the sea.

If the tide is right, you’ll be able to take nice photos of ocean waves furiously breaking onto these volcanic artworks for some unbelievable effects.

Gwendolyn Franklin